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We’re a driving force in both human and animal nutrition and offer products that put people and the planet at the heart of everything we do. Committed to providing health through food and nutrition to as many as possible, we’re a global company built on four businesses: Food Ingredients and Flavors, Food and Feed Commodities, Animal Feed, and Consumer Packaged Foods.Whether it’s tropical fruit ingredients or shrimp feed, plant-based proteins or cereal snacks, we make products that help people live healthier lives.


Food Ingredients and Flavors

We draw our encouragement from three vital ingredients: our drive for transforming lives via the science of food; our deep understanding and technical expertise of the food and beverage market; and our portfolio of top-tier ingredients and products. Blend all of them together, and we’ve got the true recipe to help manufacturers deliver on texture, fiber enrichment and stabilization and sweetness to create products enjoyed by millions every day.  We have a large portfolio of ingredients and flavors that can add nutrition, taste, texture, and reduce sugar, calories and fat in products in diverse industries.

Food and Feed Commodities

General Foods runs its food and feed commodity business on an integrated global basis to source, process, store, trade and distribute grains and oilseeds including corn, wheat, barley and oilseeds, as well as vegetable oils and meals. We have an extensive presence in grain origination, processing and shipping and we have developed significant know-how in handling differentiated products and identity preserved. We operate as a global network of facilities, including grain elevators processing plants and port terminals that are located in the world’s largest agricultural production regions, in areas of fast-growing food consumption and close to major joint venture operations worldwide.

Animal Feed

At General Foods, we believe that animals make the world a better place and we continuously work to unlock the greatest potential of every animal. We supply and market a broad range of animal feeds and customized animal nutrition solutions direct to producers and through dealers in several countries around the world.

We sell our animal feed products in different sectors such as the aqua, beef, dairy, poultry, equine, pork and pet food segments. We offer our commercial agricultural feeds in different forms such as concentrate and complete feed.

Consumer Packaged Foods

One of our main objectives at General Foods is to offer our consumers with the most delicious and healthy options in a variety of food and beverage classes and food intake occasions throughout the day. In fact, our commitment to producing foods that uniquely fulfill people’s needs has been the secret ingredient in everything we make. We have a deep portfolio of beloved food & beverage brands in the beverage, dairy, refrigerated meals and grocery categories. Across our portfolio, we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve the nutritional density of our products by adding ingredients such as whole grains, calcium, Omega-3s and antioxidants.

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