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Food Ingredients and Flavors


We draw our encouragement from three vital ingredients: our drive for transforming lives via the science of food; our deep understanding and technical expertise of the food and beverage market; and our portfolio of top-tier ingredients and products.Blend all of them together, and we’ve got the true recipe to help manufacturers deliver on texture, fiber enrichment and stabilization and sweetness to create products enjoyed by millions every day.

Food ingredients are central to the taste, texture, appearance, as well as performance of food and beverage products. As such, ingredients drive development of new menu items and more diverse and exciting products. We have a large portfolio of ingredients and flavors that can add nutrition, taste, texture, and reduce sugar, calories and fat in products in diverse industries. Our extra ordinary ingredients help our partners respond to changing consumer needs and retain their competitive edge, locally and globally. Our high-quality ingredients are in many of the products consumers use and enjoy every day, from grains and meats to salad oils, yogurt and chocolate.

On the other hand, no matter how convenient, healthy, cost effective or sustainable a product is, if it doesn’t taste good, it simply won’t be successful. Our flavors and extracts allow you to match your products to tastes of your consumers. Our intimate knowledge in working with our whole pantry of ingredients results in detailed know-how about creating flavors that can synergistically improve your product base in a variety of applications.

Whether for sweet, beverage, dairy, or savory applications, whether for foodservice or a consumer packaged good, we have an extended portfolio of flavors to help you achieve consumer preference for your product.



From juices and sports drinks to beer and wine, we have the people and technology to help you produce a high-quality, great-tasting functional, and sustainably produced product that will make consumers happy. Taste modulation & biopreservation ingredients, specialty enzymes, micronutrients, colorants, and sweeteners are just some of the solutions we provide to our clienteles; always supported by some of the leading experts in the industry.

Experts in creating innovative ingredient solutions, our texturants, sweeteners, and dietary fibers can be found in many of the world’s most popular drinks.


People expect their dairy products to have great taste and texture, while being healthy and sustainable too. And innovation is key. You would need to stay on top of fast-evolving trends, creating new products and novel ideas. Which is where we come in…

Whether you produce fermented milk products (like yogurt), cheese, or lactose-free milk products, we have the means to help you succeed: from cultures, enzymes, and cheese ripening & bio-preservation solutions to antibiotic milk testing.

Our creative solutions and products help you to produce improved dairy products that are healthy, safe, appealing and efficiently produced.

Bakery, Bars and Cereals

We realize that creating that irresistible, just-baked experience is your ultimate objective. So, if you can make it, we can help you make it better – from buns, breads and tortillas to bars and cereals. Our baking specialists work closely with bakery manufacturers and millers and industrial bakers around the world to create products with unforgettable taste and texture – and that are healthier for both planet and people.

Consumers are always looking for new exciting snacks and bakery products, but they also want healthier options without compromising the taste, texture or enjoyment. We are skilled in developing cost effective and innovative solutions to these challenges.

If you want to fortify bars or cereals, look no further than our vast portfolio of functional ingredients and micronutrients. They are all proven scientifically accompanied with regulatory approvals – enabling you to innovate quickly.


We offer a deep and broad portfolio of products with novel flavors, exciting colors and world class innovation and confectionery expertise that bring everything together.

Confectionary can be a personal reward but, at the same time, consumers want to feel better about indulging so they want more clean-label and less sugar. With General Food’s help, you can give your consumers everything they want—great indulgent taste along with lower sugar content thanks to our sweetening products and nutritional based ingredients such as fiber, protein and antioxidants from our range of health and wellness opportunities.

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