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One of our main objectives at General Foods is to offer our consumers with the most delicious and healthy options in a variety of food and beverage classes and food intake occasions throughout the day. In fact, our commitment to producing foods that uniquely fulfill people’s needs has been the secret ingredient in everything we make.

We have a deep portfolio of beloved food & beverage products in different classes such as baby food, dairy, refrigerated meals and grocery categories. Across our portfolio, we are constantly challenging ourselves to improve the nutritional density of our products by adding ingredients such as whole grains, calcium, Omega-3s and antioxidants.

Major categories

Baby food

At General Foods, we strongly believe infant nutrition is more than just infant formula and baby food. It’s about more prosperous and healthier futures through the correct feeding practices and right nutrition in the first thousand days of life.

We have been committed to feeding generations of babies the uppermost quality food. We only pick the best of what nature has to offer. We meet the standards of the US FDA, but we do not stop there. We have among the strictest standards and procedures in the industry. From farmland to high chair, we go through over one hundred quality checks for every pouch.


When it comes to creating our coffee products, creativity is at the core of everything we do. We welcome the possibilities offered by evolving consumer trends. We offer a great experience for every moment, while having a positive impact on society through our sustainability programs.

We continue to strive for quality and taste, and greater sustainability in our coffee. That is why we are leading the way on various things from cold brews to customizing the coffee experience via smarter machine connectivity. Our goal: to provide the perfect coffee for everyone and every moment.


Dairy products have always been at the cornerstone of General Foods and we have an option for every stage of life, from kids to adults to seniors.  And as the dairy industry changes to meet evolving sustainability challenges, we are changing too.

We are recognized for delivering nutritious and healthy dairy products in many countries. Our products are among the most popular products enjoyed by so many kids and adults on a daily basis. That is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Chilled, Culinary and Frozen Food

Our goal is to deliver tasty, convenient and nutritious food for everybody. Whether you are an accomplished cook or a cooking newcomer, you intend to prepare delicious meals for yourself and your dear ones, every day. With our product range, meal inspirations and proper ways to cook them, are never unreachable. 

What do I cook and eat tonight? It’s an essential question that everyone is asking themselves on a daily basis. It is also key to feel good about the meal you make, and have it done within your life’s constraints in a practical way. Creating flavorful and adventurous dishes doesn’t necessarily mean finding and preparing expensive ingredients. Our array of sauces, seasonings, and ingredients elevate modest mealtimes to dining experiences that tantalize your taste buds and impress any dinner guests – no matter how expert you are in the kitchen.

Any dish you would like to cook today – noodles, pizza or a hearty homemade soup – our products are there, adding delicious depth of aroma, texture, flavor and bringing everybody around the table. All of them provide the goodness of natural ingredients and take you on a cuisine-inspired tour of the world. There is only one question: what would you like to cook and eat tonight?


Our promise is crystal clear. We are here to improve the quality of your breakfast.  And since the very beginning, that has been our commitment to our consumers, our employers, our retailers, our suppliers, and the communities where we work and live. 

Through years of experience, we have come to the realization that our consumers have diverse tastes and priorities. That is the reason we produce a few dozen types of cereals with various tastes, textures, and forms providing everybody with an offer for a healthy, delicious and well-balanced breakfast.

We intend to improve the breakfast quality while creating a positive impact on the world surrounding us. This means recreating and refining everything we do – from how we source our ingredients, to how we produce our products, to the way we conduct business.

There is a lot more that we can do as a company, to improve the breakfast quality in a way that is good for our consumers, good for the planet. and good for the business.

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