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Our Quality Commitment

Our quality philosophy recognizes that delivering quality and value to our clients is at the very core of our success. A life-long relation with our clients doesn’t happen by accident; we earn that trust via providing the very best experience each time.

Quality in our work—with our partner relationships and across the entire business —is central to being the best business we can be. We take pride in delivering quality and we are committed to doing our part every day. In other words:

  • We aim to delight our clients through their experiences and the value we deliver with our services and brands. Every service and product is safe and legal. Our standards always meet or exceed local and domestic regulations and working practices.
  • To us quality is a mindset. We champion the General Foods’ standards, ensuring our practices are the best that they can be. We support a culture of continuous improvement and learning, and a responsibility to take action when we see something isn’t right.
  • Our leaders expect each one of us to fully conform to the letter and spirit of this commitment. Delivering quality in every aspect of our business not only gives us pride, it ensures we continue to earn the support and trust of all our stakeholders and thrive as a business.

Because the world we hope for tomorrow starts with how we do business today.

Our Code of Conduct

  • Conducting business with integrity is part of who we are. Our Code of Conduct and related policies sets our standards of ethical, honest and legal behavior.
  • This code represents our dedication to integrity and doing business with the highest ethical standards. It is based on the basic principles of working with integrity, protecting our people, safeguarding our assets and our information, and caring for our communities.
  • Our values represent core strengths from our heritage and from our ambitions for the future. They serve as our behavioral compass, keeping us united and on the right path across geographies and cultures, helping us to earn the respect and trust of our people, our communities and our clients.
  • We believe our success relies on everyone understanding their responsibilities and holding themselves accountable to upholding our values and standards in the decisions they make every day.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct

  • General Foods’ Supplier Code of Conduct articulates our ethical, social and environmental expectations for suppliers. It encompasses globally aligned standards and is rooted in international law.
  • To convey our Code of Conduct with our first-tier suppliers we make our expectations clear, aligning our suppliers with our standards and ensuring that we work with partners that share our principles.

Yours is the Most Important Voice

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