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PACBAL†: Best Extruded Feed for Shrimps

To achieve the highest level of performance using leading technologies and in compliance with best aquaculture practices, our researchers have been involved in developing feed products with reduced prices while minimizing environmental negative side effects (such as solid waters due to excess of feed, uneaten feed, feces or dissolved nutrients including nitrogen and phosphorous).

Our R&D team in conjunction with leading universities and research institutions are focused on reducing our dependency on fish meal and fish oil by replacing these ingredients with alternative sources, especially those vegetable or animal sources that can be available all year round.

Pharmapex’s complete range of aquafeed products, including floating, slow sinking or sinking, are all extruded. In the future, we will see aquafeeds – all across the industry – to be extruded. This is due to higher nutrient digestibility, better feed conversion rate (FCR), less leaching and consequently lower water pollution, flexibility on ingredients for feed formulation – lowering or eliminating binders, improving energy and biosecurity in terms of temperature and pressure – in addition to improved cost effectiveness.

Since fish and shrimp are constantly at risk by bacteria and viruses, and customers prefer farmers to not use chemicals, farmers are highly encouraged to use high quality genetics, best environmental management practices as well as healthy nutrition products to achieve higher performance levels and better profits.

In aquaculture the main prevention tools consists of quality of fingerlings and post-larvae, crop environment management and the use of functional foods. Specifically, functional foods are the ones that in addition to performing the nutritional functions (i.e., providing nutrients) promote health and reduce the risk of diseases when consumed within a food program.

Our scientific discoveries in animal health sector are among the best prevention tools in the industry and results in increased profitability for the producer.

To learn more about our range of PACBAL shrimp feed products, click here.

†We manufacture many of our products under distinct brand names for sales and distribution in different parts of the world. This assignment of brand names to different territories and our strategic brand management are carried out based on various factors including our corporate polices, global and regional marketing strategies, distributorship arrangements, and product customization. For information about availability of specific brands in your country you may contact our Marketing Department at

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