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Gene Expression Regulation (GER) Technology:

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Due to advances in science we now know that bacteria do not behave as individual cells - they are able to communicate with (i.e., send and receive information to/from) other bacteria and change their behavior (gene expression), based on the cell-population density. These perception and response mechanism is called Quorum Sensing System. When the cell-population density reaches a certain level – Quorum Sensing level – microorganisms begin to behave as a single multicellular organism, who can optimize their responses in order to maximize their survival rates.

Understanding this phenomenon, it is now possible to control or prevent gene expression of potentially harmful bacteria. This is how our group has developed its innovative Gene Expression Regulation (GER) technology and series of efficient products for aquaculture, which in addition to providing digestible nutrients, they can tackle environmental challenges as well as disease outbreaks, and achieve better performance, higher survival and growth rates, and better FCR rates.

Our products contain the most advanced feed additives in the industry and include high quality ingredients that allow good nutrients absorption and digestibility:


Probiotics are administered through the diet or directly through the water. Probiotics can prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, contributes to digestive enzymes leading to increased feed utilization, provides various growth-promoting factors, and stimulates the immune responses of the animal.


Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that selectively stimulate the growth or the metabolism of health-promoting bacteria in the gut leading to improved animal's intestinal balance.


Phytobiotics are specific natural compounds (mostly derived from yeast and herbal extracts) capable of modulating the microflora towards a favorable composition, promoting and stimulating the development of beneficial bacteria and preventing potentially pathogenic microorganisms. Specifically, these ingredients are proven to interfere with QS communication.

All starter feeds for fish or shrimp from our group are now enhanced with probiotics, prebiotics and specific pool of phytobiotics, in order to ensure that the animals will have the highest chance to survive and grow, even in challenging environments.

We manufacture a wide range of aquafeeds for many different species to meet their nutritional requirements and feeding behavior (sizes, densities, floating/sinking). You are welcome to choose among our standard feeding programs or contact us so that we can develop your own customized feed for you.

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